Visa applicants must fill out the visa application forms online

Starting from April 9th, 2012, Republic of China (Taiwan) visa applicants must fill out the visa application forms online.

Please proceed with the following 3 steps to apply for R.O.C. visas:

  1. To access the website ( and select the proper form.
  2. Fill out the application form online and then print it out.【You ought to press the “submit” key before printing.】
  3. Submit the completed bar-coded form and other necessary documents to Taipei Economic and Cultural Office.


  1. All items listed in the visa application form must be completed, or the application will be declined. No application will be considered complete until all information requested is provided.
  2. All applicants must fill out the application forms online. All application forms filled out offline will not be accepted.




  1. 線上填寫簽證申請表 (
  2. 列印填妥之申請表,併同相關文件至本處申辦遞交
  3. 完成簽證申請表線上填寫程序


  1. 申請人必須在線上確實填妥申請表。所有表列項目均需填寫,否則簽證申請件將不受理。
  2. 本處不受理所有非線上填寫之簽證申請表。