4 月 15, 2013 #Taiwan visa
  1. Pursuant to the Statute Governing Issuance of the R.O.C. Visas in Foreign Passports, the application fee once paid is not refundable.
  2. The applicant has to declare the purpose of entry honestly. The purpose of Visa application must accord with the purpose of entry. Please provide the necessary documents as stated in this notice.
  3. Please be advised that failure to provide the basic documents required as listed from 1-5 will lead to delay the processing or denial of visa. The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office will inform the applicants in writing and require additional documents where it considers necessary within a designated period of time. Working days for processing are subject to change and the aforementioned working time will cease to apply. The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office reserves the right to withhold disclosure of the reason for disapproval of your visa application.
  4. Applicants with nationality of mainland China are required to provide related documents showing that the applicant has resided in foreign countries for at least four years before submitting the applications.
  5. The information is subject to change without notice. For updated information please refer to the website of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office:



搬遷公告 Notice of Relocation

台北經濟文化辦事處服務組已於2021年12月20日起搬遷至新址,新址及電話號碼為:香港灣仔港灣道18號中環廣場49樓4907室、(852) 2887-5011,至傳真號碼(+852-2810-0591)、電子郵件(及網址(將維持不變。

The Service Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Hong Kong will be relocated to the new address since 20 December 2021. The new address and telephone number will be:
*Suite 4907, 49/F Central Plaza, 18 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
*(852) 2887-5011
Its fax number (+852-2810-0591), email address ( and website ( will remain unchanged.

溫馨提示 :


(2)倘有時效、緊急或危難案件,請撥打 2887-5011 陳述相關事由,遇有忙線請稍後再撥;假使仍無法撥通電話,請寄送電子郵件至

專業證書健康檢查等須先經國際公證人(Notary Public) 驗證