Q: Which items on the visa application form are mandatory?
A: The items include:

  • the applicant’s details (nationality, former or other nationality, surname and given name, gender, date of birth, place of birth, marital status, spouse’s name, occupation, name of employer or school, address and telephone number in home country, address and telephone number in Taiwan, and current address and telephone number)
  • passport details (passport type, passport number, date of expiry, date of issue and place of issue)
  • category of visa(visit or residence, number of entries, and the ROC overseas mission the application to be submitted to)
  • journey to Taiwan (purpose of travel, having ever been issued an ROC visa or not, date of arrival in Taiwan and proposed date of departure)
  • details of the applicant’s contact in Taiwan (name, relationship to applicant and telephone number)
  • being a foreign spouse or not (education, occupation, whether getting married through a matchmaker, matchmaker’s name, occupation, address and telephone number)
  • if application form is filled in by anther person on the applicant’s behalf?
  • if the application is submitted by an agent?

Q: How can the applicant tell the items on the visa application form are mandatory or not?
A: The items in deep-blue color background are mandatory and those in light-blue color are not.
Q: If the applicant cannot complete the process of filling-out the application form at one time, how can the data be saved?
A: The applicant can click the button 「Save Draft」 at the bottom of each page to save the data, then a temporary number will show up on the left up side. Please remember this number and use it to carry on completing the form later.
Q: Is there any time limit for filling out each page?
A: For completing each page, the time limit is 30 minutes. If the applicant spends beyond 30 minutes on one page, and doesn’t save the draft , the filling-out process will cease automatically; then the applicant has to return to the homepage to restart the filling-out process.
Q: After the application form is completed online, is there any time limit to submit it to the ROC overseas mission?
A: After the application form is completed and submitted online, the applicant has to submit the printed form to the mission selected online within 30 days, otherwise it will be deleted automatically.
Q: What should the applicant do if he/she finds something wrong with the content after the form has already been submitted online and an application number has been obtained?
A: If the applicant has already clicked the button 「Submit」, the filled-out data cannot be edited anymore, and the application form has to be refilled out again. If the application form has not been submitted, the applicant can key in 「Temporary Number」 to edit the data.
Q: How should the applicant fill in 「the date of arrival」 and 「the date of departure」 if those dates are not certain yet?
A: In case the dates of arrival and departure are not certain yet, please fill in the expected dates of arrival and departure.
Q: If the applicant is not computer literate, can he/she ask an agent to complete the application form?
A: The application form can be filled out by an agent. The printed-out form, however, ought to be signed by the applicant.
Q: If the applicant does not have a printer, how can he/she print out the application form after completion of filling-out process?
A: If a printer is not available for the applicant, the applicant still has to submit the form online and remember the application number after completion of filling-out process. Moreover, the applicant still has to find an online computer with a printer later, input the name and application number to retrieve the form and then print it out.
Q: If the applicant has only either surname or given name, how should he/she fill in those fields?
A: If the applicant has only given name, the field of surname ought to be left blank; if the applicant has only surname, the field of given name ought to be left blank. No word like 「none」 should be filled in the blank field. However, the applicant is required to fill in either of the two fields before carrying on filling-out process.
Q: What can be done if the applicant has completed the filling-out process and obtained the application number, but fails to print out the application form?
A: Please check the software 「Acrobat Reader」 version 8.0 or any PDF format reader software has been installed in the computer.
Q: What can be done if the calendar component in the date field of the application form doesn’t work properly or the DELETE key does not function properly during the filling-out process?
A : The input function may vary with different versions of browsers and operating systems. If the calendar component in the date field of the form cannot be selected, please input the date manually in the YYYY/MM/DD format. If the DELETE key doesn’t work, please use the BACKSPACE key instead.